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GA-600V is the latest 3D technology wheel aligner. It's with dynamic constitute coordinate, not affected by the inclination of lift. It can perform wheel alignment at all height.


Item Precision Range
Toe-in ±2' ±20°
Camber ±2' ±20°
Caster ±4' ±20°
SAI / KPI ±6' ±20°
Thrust angle ±2' ±10°
Tread difference ±2mm  
Wheelbase difference ±2mm  


  • Superiority on technology, have more than 7 specialist with ten years experience
  • Independent intellectual property rights, hold invention and utility patents
  • Dynamic constitute coordinate, no affected by the inclination of lift
  • No need to wait during rolling or caster swing, save test time
  • Automatic calculate wheel diameter, no need to input manually
  • High precision anti-throwing target, reinforced plastic enclosure, laser fabrication


  • Specializing 3D wheel alignment R&D, more reliable, more cost-effective
  • Perfect additional measurement
  • Real-time check target picture
  • With unique quick testing mode, saving time and work efficiently
  • Friendly interface, fast and stable search function
  • Industry best camera and optical system
  • A wide range of wheel clamp, with 10" - 24" solid & precision clamp
  • Waterproof protected

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